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OMEGA Speedmaster Professional X-33 (318. 3rd Gen

Maurice de Mauriac has ventured outside of Europe as well to look for straps. Ideally you can visit the showroom in Zurich to see all the cool new stuff, but online ordering should be available as well. The straps are compatible with most watches - not just those from Maurice de Mauriac.

Inside the Turbine Diver watches is the Perrelet P-331 automatic double-rotor movement. It is a Soprod movement exclusive to Perrelet and both brands are owned by the same parent company. Prices for the watch will be ,550 or ,200 depending on whether DLC is used on the case or not. Look for them later in 2012.

Hublot King Power Miami Heat Chronograph Watch

Hublot King Power Miami Heat Chronograph Watch

Vostok Europe Anchar Diver Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

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Urwerk is tired of your lazy ass sitting on the couch. That is why their small team in Switzerland has developed a brand new complication dedicated to getting you up and moving. This model UR-210 watch could quite possibly be the most expensive exercise timepiece ever developed. Anyway, I don't think it is recommended that you strenuously exercise while wearing it either.

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Omega Speedmaster Professional 105.012-66CB

This Avanti 4 Vertical watch winder has spots for four Rotor-Wind watch winders. The Rotor-Wind system is something that I have reviewed several times before on A quick search for "Orbita watch winder review" will reveal how it works for those who are not familiar with it. In my humble opinion, the Rotor-Wind system is the best all-around watch winder module. It uses low energy, winds using gravity, and is silent. Some enthusiasts want programmable winders sure, but for most people the Rotor-Wind system works wonderfully. If you really must have a programmable watch winder - worry not - Orbita has you covered as well. Oh, and in this unit, the Rotor-Wind modules wind each of the watches once each 10 minutes. To learn more you can read this previous Orbita RotorWind watch winder review.

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Be Ready for Father’s Day with a Red Line Watch

Kids aren’t going to buy watches for themselves. They don’t really buy anything for themselves and don’t really have any money. What they do ask for is junk food and toys – that they see on TV. Also the stuff their friends have and show off. How do kids get stuff? Adults. The parents and relatives of children need to buy them watches. These purchases will mostly take the form of gifts. Adults need to buy watches for the kids who are close to them. Why would they do this? Well adults buy things for kids all the time, in the form of gifts, coming-of-age tokens, or simply to show love. What the watch industry needs to do is remind adults that watches are a good option for each of these occasions.

The examples are countless, but a good example is with Piaget. The Ralph Lauren Slim Classic timepieces each use movements made by Piaget for Ralph Lauren. Piaget started as a watch movement maker. Selling their their products to others who would put them in their own cases. It was not until the 1940s I believe that there was ever a Piaget watch. Today Ralph Lauren recalls that tradition. They design the watch and then work with a respected high-end watch movement maker to outfit them with movements. It makes sense to me, and I appreciate the transparency. To be honest it even helps me feel more comfortable about the value proposition than if Ralph Lauren attempted to make their own movements.

aBtR: Can you give us some background on the Touch Time project? What led to this design? What needs consumer does this new model fill?
DB: The majority of the estimated B of digital watches sold today look about the same and use the same technology as they did in 1983. If there was ever a reason why folks often say that watch category is declining, it is due to the fact that it isn't keeping up with consumer electronics like smartphones and tablets. I believe that thanks to touchscreens and high resolution displays, in the next few years we can see a major update on what a digital watch is and what technologies they use, and overall make for an improved watch. No one has a cellphone from the mid-1980s, why then do we use digital watches of that era?

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Collectors can opt for one of four versions of the new PAC-MAN watch. In each, PAC-MAN is situated at 9 o'clock on top of a 3D depiction of the game play maze. The yellow color is applied with a special glossy lacquer. The ghost enemies are available in gray or colors, each with eyes looking at PAC-MAN. The other two models mimic these but contain two pairs of the iconic extra point cherries. An official PAC-MAN logo is located over 6 o'clock. The tips of the watch hands and character are applied with SuperLumiNova luminant. While PAC-MAN is static, I think it would have been fun to have him function as the subsidiary seconds hand and spin around.

For the dial, Rado chose a unique route. The watch face itself is petite at best, residing in the center of the dial with lots of empty space above and below it. While it is smaller in comparison to the rest of the dial, the watch face is legible and well done in Rado fashion. Note that the little Rado anchor logo actually moves around like a small rotor. Inside the watch is a rarely used movement which is the Swiss ETA 2094 automatic chronograph. Think of it as a smaller version of the 2894 chronograph. You can see the movement through the caseback window with a custom Rado automatic rotor.

Does it measure up? Well it is 47mm wide. So yea, it is a sizable watch. Ernst Benz's head guy likes to share with people a comment I made about the brand a few years ago when reacting to the collection as a whole. I mentioned that the best thing they do is nothing wrong.  He took that as an incredible compliment. The gist of my meaning was that their designs don't exhibit material mistakes, sacrifices to legibility, unexpected design element features, or poor execution. They are 100% retro aviator inspired watches in modern sizes with bold yet conservative personalities. Both John Biggs and I got to play Officer with the Ernst Benz Chronolunar. I got to see the piece on someone else's wrist in addition to wearing it myself. I have to say that this piece specifically fits John's personality which tends to endorse complex tool watches. With a 7751 one in there, this is hardly a boring three-hand automatic.

The Heritage of IWC Replica Collection

The HM3 Poison Dart Frog is influenced the small black and yellow poison dart frog with the scientific name Dendrobates Leucomelas. It is otherwise known as the yellow-banded poison dart frog, and interestingly enough is among the larger poison dart frog species out there. Still, these are really small creatures with a size no bigger than about 4cm long. I learned something interesting about the yellow-banded poison dart frog's venom. Apparently scientists believe that it does not create the poison on its own, but rather ingests and then secrets the venom through its skin after eating certain spiders. It is unknown exactly how this works or what arachnid it eats that allows for this venom transfer. Now if only you could use a watch as a defensive mechanism like that. I am waiting for the first watch with a pepper spray function.

With a few different dial options available, these steel-cased watches are 47mm wide (not counting the crown and pusher) and come in rubber straps. I like that the cases are mostly polished. The color schemes are all rather cool - though I think the version with British racing green will be the hardest to move outside of England. I am a bit partial to the blue and gold version myself. Classy isn't it? Yes, that is one of the adjectives above!

In the end the Guardian is a fun watch. It takes itself seriously enough and is comfortable to wear. People who like the idea will surely find it and enjoy it. For the rest of you it will be a good talking point. "54mm?!!!" Each of these has a limited production run, and as an automatic the SISU Guardian is ,495 (5 for the similar Swiss quartz movement version).

Your Chance To Own A Flown Speedmaster X-33

No one who has or will buy this watch will use it as their sole timepiece. If by chance someone does, I'd like to meet that person. This is a status watch for watch lovers. You need to appreciate mechanics and find the tourbillon interesting to look at to even consider this watch. You also need to appreciate the Recital 0's slight avant garde design concept and family theme. With a bold look and optional diamond bezel, this is also a show-off watch. And for those who appreciate the wide range of Bovet watch aesthetics, you'll agree that most of their timepieces fit into this category. Not that there is anything at all wrong with that. If you are spending 8,000 on a Bovet Recital 0, you want as many people as possible to notice it.

WINNER: Marvin Malton Cushion M119 Watch

WINNER: Marvin Malton Cushion M119 Watch

Rado R-One "Tron" Watch Hands-On Hands-On

4. Wait until the giveaway is over on June 30th, 2012 for the winner to be chosen at random.

Omega Speedmaster Grey Side Of The Moon Meteorite versus New Rolex Daytona Ceramic

The Harry Winston Opus 12 will come as a limited edition of 120 pieces in each version. The price for this model is about 0,000.

Full tech specs for the pieces are below. So I am not going to discuss each of them in excessive detail. Mostly because each of the watches are rather straight forward in concept. Let me first discuss what each of the six models share in common. Each watch is done in honor of a Star Wars character (since they are clones, is it OK to call the Stormtroopers a single character? At the least they all wear the same outfit). On the back of the watch is a colored caseback window with the face of the character and the number of the limited edition. The caseback windows are also semi-transparent on the mechanical models for a view of the movement. Each of the watches also has the Star Wars logo on the dial along with the Seiko name.

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