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The red GMT hand and the 24 hours markers are not hard to read, however, one needs to remember that the GMT hand moves around the dial in 24 hours with 2 hours step markers (slightly noted on the inner dial). This can be confusing at first since when showing odd hours the GMT hand will be between two regular hour markers... However, once you get used to it then it works fine and since the hours hands can be changed to move by itself freely, the GMT can then be used to set the home time when traveling to different timezones.

Most people are going to buy this watch because of the dial and lume style. Casio indicates that the dial is "pop art" inspired. I can see that as the numerals are large and overlapping. The hands are cute - perhaps not the most legible in the world, but good enough. There is a little heart placed into the minute hand. You'll notice another heart being used as the 2 o'clock hour marker. I wonder what the male version of hearts are... Like maybe skulls or rocket ships? If this was a dude's watch then the minute hand would be a spaceship and the 2 o'clock hour marker would be a smiling skull, right?

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Aesthetically, the white is very pleasing in the flesh, very bright with red accents highlighting certain parts of the semi-openworked dial. The dial layout itself is probably a bit more legible than the previous 'regular' edition of the same watch due to the colour. It is a very summertime watch, and at this time of year would look great with a nice polo shirt, with a linen get-up while relaxing on the deck of your yacht in St Tropez, or hanging out the side of your Bugatti Veyron as you prowl around Monaco. Of course the watch is made to be loud and proud, and that is what the brand is about, so better to embrace it! A casually styled high horology watch is not something that has been the norm up until recently, and minute repeaters in large sports watch cases are even rarer.

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Ball Watches For BMW Cars

At the launch, Sémon was questioned about the suitability of TAG Heuer issuing a tourbillon, something it has resisted for years, for Rolex-like reasons: it’s a horological mind game, rather than a worthwhile development like silicon, or the co-axial movement. But, as so many champions of the tourbillon can demonstrate, the device can most certainly improve accuracy if done properly – as Greubel Forsey demonstrated by winning the 2011 International Chronometry Competition. As Sémon explains, TAG Heuer wanted to make the most accurate mechanical chronograph ever produced, period. If it took a couple of tourbillons to do it, then they’ll reap the whirlwind.

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Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer Watch Hands-On

Download the MP3 here.

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Porsche Design P’6540 Heritage Chronograph Watch Hands-On

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In total, the Rolex Deepsea Challenge is able to go down to 12,000 meters, which is 39,370 feet. The world of science still hasn't answered why this is necessary, but we think it is really cool (don't we? I know I do). Even with its large size most people want to wear this. I think it is amusing how Rolex produced a special long bracelet to strap the Rolex Deepsea Challenge to the robotic arm. What was Mr. Cameron wearing on his wrist? Mere humans only get regular Rolex Deepsea watches.

While you can't buy the Diesel Batman and Bane watches for The Dark Knight Rises until November of 2012, you can pre-order them now. The watches are 5 each, and are exclusively available for pre-order here via As a limited edition watch only a specific amount will be produced, however Diesel has not indicated how many they are producing yet. Overall really cool and a great tie-in to the Batman movie characters.

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Junghans 1972 Chronoscope & Mega Solar

Pressing that upper pusher cycles through the light modes. The fact that it locks is helpful so that you don't accidentally turn it on and waste the battery. Inside the watch is a rechargeable lithium ion battery. To be honest, I am not sure if there is one battery, or two in the watch (one for time keeping and one for the lights). MTM rates the battery life at 10 years, which is common for lithium ion batteries that only need to power a quartz timing mechanism. My presumption is that there are two batteries in the piece. What I do know is that the Falcon watch has been designed with easy recharging in mind. Supplied with the kit is an induction charging stand for the Falcon. Using an A/C adapter you can charge the watch simply by setting it on the base for a few hours. Without using the light, the battery probably lasts a very long time. Given "a few hours of battery life," it is a good idea to either bring the charger with you, or charge it up if you are going to be away from the charger for more than a couple of weeks and think you'll be using the light a lot. MTM specially developed this system, and it is about as convenient to use as is thinkable given the fact that you need to recharge it. LEDs might suck less power than traditional bulbs, but are still thirsty little lights when they are this bright.

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Speaking of the minute repeater, the mechanism in the King Power Cathedral Gong Tourbillon (name has a little ring to it - no pun intended) uses two gongs located on the rear of the watch above the carbon fibre bridges. These sound out two different notes which enable the time to be sounded out in order of hours, quarter-hours, and minutes. The sound generated is still quite warm and loud, and can be heard very well in the video review attached to this artice. It's not the world's first titanium cased minute repeater (The Jaeger LeCoultre Master Minute Repeater might be), and I am impressed by the sound it generated. Also impressive is the mechanism used to fire up the repeater. The black kevlar 'ear' located on the left hand side of the watch case slides upwards from 9 o'clock to 11 o'clock and activates the minute repeater. Very stealth, and more importantly it keeps the case shape free from further clutter.

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Caliber RJ001-A

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Dimensions without lugs: 59mm long x 44mm wide x 17mm high

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Strap Brown vintage finishing alligator

The principle complication here is a five minute repeater. The trick is that activation of the repeater is the only way to see the time - on the dial that is. Turning one of the crowns activates the five minute repeater, which also activates the dial animation. The figurine moves along a linear path indicating the hour, while either a star (men's Midnight model) or kite (ladies' model) moves across the sky to indicate the minutes. A five-minute repeater will use a series of gongs and hammers to sound a song that tells the time to the closest five minute mark. Charming.

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