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ABTW: There are two version of the Division Furtive watch, the Type 40 and the Type 46. What are the differences?

In the watches section of the Karl website, there is a game you can play called "Klairvoyant." Well, not really a game, more like a Lagerfeldian Ouija board. Upon reaching this page you are prompted to ask a question to Karl, any question. So I did. Karl must have not felt that it was an appropriate query. His response to me was "If you put things away in a too tidy way, then you will only find what you are looking for." Confucius just rolled over in his grave a few times and I was still left without any help from Karl on which Karl-elain watch I should be wearing. I kept asking more questions and kept getting the same response. Eventually the system spit out "I don't have time for this -> Maybe more like 'I don't have time to waste for this." So much for fashion advice, pfff... And Karl, you just make some young girl in France cry. I swear I can hear him diabolically laughing with his German accent in the background.

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Art collectors, designers, architects, medical doctors, IT - developers - people they like functional minimalism. Surprisingly like at ochs und junior there are a lot of people they buy the MIH watch without being watch freaks. They find something different than the watch industry in general offers and love as well the fact that there is no marketing around and that there is just a little bit of a logo...

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For the newer Breitling Chronomat collection, Breitling designed a new bezel design and modern looking font. That gives all Breitling Chronomat models a distinguishable look - something Breitling wants you to see because each of these watches have in-house made movements. The original Breitling Chronomat from a few years ago was the first watch ever to contain an in-house made Breitling movement. It was the Breitling Chronomat B01 with the in-house made and designed caliber 01 movement. The 01 has served as a base for a few subsequent movements. The difference between the original Breitling Chronomat and this model is the addition of a GMT hand. Inside the Breitling Chronomat 44 GMT is a Breitling Caliber 04 automatic chronograph movement. It is a shame that the case does not have an exhibition case back because the movement is really quite nice looking. The 04 has a power reserve of 70 hours (which at around three days means you can safely not wear it for a whole weekend without it stopping), and the chronograph is column-wheel based. There are some other nice features as well, showing that Breitling didn't just make their own version of what they were already using from ETA.

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I mean, just look at the shape of the case and the way the roundness flows into the lugs. The crown is similarly well proportioned, retaining functionality, but being small enough to not disturb the flow of the shape.

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This is under the assumption of course that nothing else is done. Practically speaking, this time is spread out as other tasks are done concurrently. The finishing process has to be the part of the creation of each watch that is the most time intensive. Every part, aside from functioning correctly, has to be beautiful as well.

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Where Casio offers a range of outdoors watches in other timepiece collections, the G-Shock collection has become its urban jungle watch with a combination of durability, style, and functions such as a stopwatch (chronograph), calendar, world time, and backlight (among others) that makes sense in people's day-to-day lives. More recently G-Shock models have begun to borrow technology from Pro Trek models such as a compass or thermometer. Aside from Bluetooth phone connectivity, your humble G-Shock hasn't really gained any novel features for a long time, until now. Finally, you can blow in your watch and get your blood alcohol reading letting you know whether you should cab it or not.

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Purely and simply, his aim is to produce watches in the English style and create modern interpretations of the reliable and strong watches that were the defining characteristics of English watchmaking at its peak.

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It is quite possible that one or more of the men there to represent legendary boxers might someday be recipients of this pension's funds. There before us was a dozen or so famed men whose names I grew up hearing. I was never really that much into watching boxing, but who didn't know names like Mike Tyson, George Foreman, or Julio Cesar Chavez. My first memory of Tyson was seeing his name on Nintendo's Punch Out video game, and Foreman became toward the end of his career with his grill. It paid to be a foodie for him.

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This documentary was one of the markers of a feeling that seemed to pervade this particular show. And it was self-evident in my conversations with a number of the brands present. This feeling, was a sense of an emergent British identify in watch-making, that had for various reasons been subverted by the mighty Swiss watch industry. Home grown brands like Bremont, Meridian, and Robert Loomes were those that embodied this movement, and for me, represented a renewed vigour by the local watch industry to reclaim their horological birthright.

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Ball watches is set to shake up the industry a bit over the next few years as they are close to reaching a critical mass with design, technology, and partnerships. You should already know that Ball is involved in a strategic partnership with BMW for the production of pretty good looking Ball for BMW watches (hands-on here). The relationship is going to be a major part of Ball's breaching new markets and increasing awareness. Which is a good thing because the decidedly modern and masculine Swiss watchmaker has a vision toward timepieces that seems to be inline with the expectations of enthusiasts and not just marketing people.

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Case: The case is made of Titanium with black DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) treatment. The caseback is made out of solid stainless steel.

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I recently had the pleasure of being invited to look at a rare collection of vintage Breguet aviator watches and was treated to an uncommonly good time with old timepieces. While vintage watch love is deep amongst this (watch enthusiasts) crowd, it is the rare historic and interesting timepieces that really excite me on a tactile basis. Sure I can appreciate most vintage timepieces for their design and what they mean as part of the evolution of the watch, but I am not particularly interested in wearing vintage watches on my wrist. Much more the modernist, I like new watches, their prices be damned.

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The design elements on the Tread 1 Steampunk are essentially "armor cladding" on the original case. This includes the bronze plates and screws. I first wrote about the Devon Tread 1 Steampunk watch here, showing renders of the design. You can see how the final version is slightly different, but not radically so. The "Frankenstein's Monster" neck screws are still there and very proud looking. Not too sharp to the touch actually. My favorite touches are the screw rivets all around the case and the patina which forms over the bronze surfaces. This patina continues to develop over time and changes the look of the watch slightly. Hardcore collectors love this stuff.