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Omega Speedmaster Apollo XVII 45th Anniversary in Gold

Bulgari Daniel Roth Carillon Tourbillon Minute-Repeater Watch Hands-On Hands-On

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Fiona Krüger Skull Watch Hands-On

Fiona Krüger Skull Watch Hands-On

Washington, DC –Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Los Angeles, Calif. – Wednesday, November 19
Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. – Wednesday, December 3
Houston, Texas – Tuesday, April 28
Dallas, Texas – Thursday, April 30
Denver, Colo. – Tuesday, May 5

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On the wrist, the Orient Flight wears 42mm wide and 12mm thick. I believe that this is the perfect size for a traditional looking aviation watch. Any smaller and they don't do justice to the fact that, even historically speaking, aviation watches were large. Any larger, and you begin to alienate a lot of wrists. Sure a 44mm or larger pilot watch can look cool, but Orient is more focused on sizes that work for the largest possible audience - so for me, this is a good size. Also note that on a NATO-style strap, watches will tend to wear larger, given how the strap sticks out.

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Aloe Blacc: You know, I plan to be in the music business for a long time. Therefore, when I engage with any kind of brand, it says something about me, and what I do. So when it comes to quality, I look around for the organizations and companies that have been around long enough to have a track record that proves they're worthy of everyone's attention. IWC has that history – that legacy.

Compared to the way that some of my favorite mechanical watches are beautiful? No. The Apple Watch's beauty, for me, lies in how well it does what it was designed to do, and how nice of a package Apple was able to design for it. The watch industry has long since proven that rectangular watches are difficult to get right, and further shown that minimalist designs are tricky when it comes to making them classics. The first generation Apple Watch is most certainly a watch, but it won't become a wrist watch design icon on its own. Yet, I find that doesn't bother me, because I am interested in it for enough other reasons.

The Countdown Started

While most of the dial variations of the Nomos Tetra feature playful executions of vibrant color, the “Tetra,” which technically could be called the “Tetra” model within the Nomos Tetra collection, uses the signature conservative Nomos color scheme, consisting of heat-blued hands, black indices, and a galvanized, white silver plated dial. It is also the one 29.5mm version of the Nomos Tetra that comes in both a steel back (,080) and a sapphire back (,320). When Nomos has shipped us stock watches of the model, they have arrived on the short shell cordovan strap. While the short strap will be the length of choice on models such as the Tangente and Orion for owner’s wrists that are between six and a half to seven inches, the Tetra’s shorter case makes the regular strap the length of choice for this size range.

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Available in either brushed or PVD black coated steel, the new Formula 1 watches take a new step in design compared the outgoing generation's models. The case is now tonneau-shaped and the dial looks very little like the last few generation Formula 1 models. TAG Heuer's historic Autavia models had similar case shapes, and I suppose one could suggest that TAG Heuer designed the new Formula 1 in its honor.

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The light tang buckle at the end of the sailcloth strap.

This is all housed in a highly polished 44mm 316L steel case, which is numbered (via hand-engraving) and features sapphire crystals both front and back. Finish things off with either an alligator or ostrich strap in the 22mm lugs, and you have quite an homage to 45 years in the business.

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Collector's Corner: "I want variation in my Speedmaster watches"

When it comes to the watches that Ball is creating, it is hard for me to not be attracted to the light shows that some of their designs pull together. It calls to mind the car my family got in the mid-80s (a Pontiac 6000 STE, for those curious) where my dad called the dashboard a rolling light show – which, for the time, it really was. Those can be fun, but sometimes you could do for dialing things down a little bit. In that case, I believe the Ball Engineer II Marvelight is an exercise in restraint.

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JK: I found a watch in Chile once - an Omega pilot's chronograph from the 1940s; Omega actually made a museum replica of this particular model. The piece was so amazing that I couldn't ask them to ship it, so I had to fly to Santiago, and then take a bus to another city, just to pick up this watch. But the moment you look at it on your wrist and say "Wow!" - then the journey becomes fantastic.

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Hamilton is a major jewel in the SWATCH brand crown. As a brand, they do a very good job advertising the style, quality, and American history, and how this influences their current products. When I was shopping for my first moderately priced Swiss Watch, Hamilton was at the top of my list. I'm a big fan of their products from a style/price standpoint, and during my decision process, I made a point to get hands on with as many models as possible. Getting hands on with a Hamilton is a relatively easy affair since they have decent market saturation. My final decision on my first Swiss watch hinged between purchasing a Jazzmaster Day Date and the Victorinox Day Date. The Victorinox won due to the final price point, though after wearing this Hamilton, I believe I would have been happier with the Hamilton in terms of overall build quality.

History will show that from the start, Stewart was an adept driver. Jackie claims that he owes much of his professional success to his learning disability dyslexia - or at least how he managed to live with it. Stewart is remarkably open about struggling with the problem but in a sense sees his lot in life as a virtue. He is quick to name a list of noteworthy successful people who also have dyslexia and frankness about the topic is unique and refreshing. According to Jackie, dyslexia not only prevented him from finishing school, but also allowed him to hyper-focus on his strengths as a means of compensating for what he might lack elsewhere. For Jackie, his struggles with dyslexia prompted him to intently focus on certain attention-requiring tasks that require not only an extreme attention to detail, but also rapid decision making - such as shooting moving targets, or competitively driving a dangerously fast automobile.

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Paul Newman with Jackie Stewart in 1969

Montblanc e-Strap Combines Smart Wearable Device With Mechanical Watch In New Timewalker Urban Speed Collection Watch Releases

Omega Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday Limited Edition Left The Factory

Darakjian Jewelers: Detroit is a great watch market. It has its roots in the automotive industry as you already know, and watches and cars go hand in hand. Men like gadgets, whether it be watches or cars! The affinity towards working toys for men has been forever in Detroit. The watch market is pretty strong, and not only for the usual suspects. Exotic brands also sell in our area. Most of our collectors have second homes also elsewhere. This is the place they work and earn. In their travels they see things, and to deliver the kind of service that Darakjian Jewelers is known for, we need to keep in tune to the complete watch industry. New brands, exotic brands, brand announcements, brand shifts, and personalities. Detroit is a conservative, hard working community, and when they want, they want the finer things in life.

Another important element of the Duometre watch family of movements is what Jaeger-LeCoultre calls the "Dual-Wing" concept. This is an interesting idea that separates the power going to the complications of the watch from the power that goes to indicating the time. Thus, there is a mainspring barrel that directly feeds to the time telling part of the movement, and another that powers the chronograph complication.

Back on the plus side of the equation, this is one of the longest stock straps I have had in, which will be a boon to those with bigger wrists – or someone who might want to wear it over a jacket. Also, the rather common 22 millimeter lug width accepts a virtually infinite number of great aftermarket straps, so finding new alternatives – and changing the stealthy black looks of the watch – should be easy!