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YouTube advertiser promote everything from pet food to video games, and everything in between. Though luxury brands have likely been hesitant to work with the video sharing site because of how advertisements are placed. This is mostly due to how luxury brands tend to choose ad placements. As I mentioned, on YouTube ads are placed contextually and automatically. This means that while there are plenty of filtering options to choose from, an advertiser only chooses the type of video their ads will appear with, not the exact videos themselves. The system is very similar to Google Adwords, which operates in a similar manner but with text and banner ads on websites. Though YouTube's advertising program more than likely only involves videos hosted on YouTube's website. Ad formats include pre and post roll video ads (before or after the videos people are trying to view), as well as graphical banner ads which sit next to video player boxes.

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Blancpain X Fathoms Watch Hands-On Hands-On

"Got the watch this afternoon, pics above. I’m off to my watch guy to have the band trimmed  (could probably do it myself but don’t want to mess it up).  Initial impression—very comfortable.  The rose gold is a great look. Quality seems pretty good—no, not the level of my Breitling, AP or Rolexes or JLC I have owned, but very nice detail on the watch, clasp and crown mechanism not as crisp as high-dollar brands, but pretty good. Sizable but not overly so, see the pic next to my old Breitling Headwind. Surprisingly low profile on the wrist for its size. Will work great as a sports or casual dress option, and right now my only chronograph. This will be a fun piece to own. I’m intrigued by the value proposition of Tissot in general  (liking the blue PRS 516 right now) and this will be a good indicator of whether there could be another in my future. Thanks so much Ariel, and thanks to Tissot and Swatch Group."

Cartier ID Two Concept Watch: Goodbye Metal

Cartier ID Two Concept Watch: Goodbye Metal

What pocket watches to offer is the ability for watch makers to have more real estate for complications and wild designs. The UR-1001 for instance has more complications than could fit into a reasonably sized wrist watch and the entire AlTiN coated steel case feels like it weighs three pounds. This massive item of fancy does not need to be constrained by things like wrist ergonomics or comfort. It just has to be cool and wild.

Installation and Fit

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Limited edition              81 pieces

I believe this is the second limited edition Maradona watch that Hublot has created for Diego. He is also a Hublot brand ambassador. In addition to being famous for his soccer skills, Maradona is known to most always wear a watch on each wrist. This trend more than likely started before he was associated with any watch brand. Now he sports dual Hublots.

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I like these watches but I struggle to envision a scenario where I would spend the money on them. Fashion brand Ermenegildo Zegna recently debuted two watches in a new collection produced in collaboration with the Sowind Group. Based on the label’s “High Performance” collection of clothing, these new sport watches are fashionably (and practically satisfying). But are they worth your money compared to the alternatives?

Here's the steel buckle on the wrist, protruding just a bit.

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The 1980s was likely the best thing to happen to this system given the influx of cheap and cool watches that did things no previous watches could do before. The watch was cooler than ever, and people had more options than ever. Then the 1990s came and was just as big a revolution… but in the opposite way. With computers, Walkmans, and mobile phones, people suddenly had other, often more accurate ways to tell the time. A wrist watch started to move from necessary to optional for a large portion of the population. Parents started to get their kids phones, computers, and audio devices earlier and in larger quantities than watches.

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The butterfly deployant is well made but lacks micro-adjustments for size, a pet peeve of mine.

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As a non formal watch, for me the SpidoSpeed ticks all the right boxes. Very comfortable in size and weight, a great design and enough practicality to justify having one!

Bell & Ross BR 01 Horizon, Altimeter, & Turn Coordinator Watches Hands-On Hands-On

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The lume-filled hands are large and easy to see. They are clearly aviator inspired, but not direct analogs of what you see all the time. It is true that they could be a bit longer, but there are weight issues that SISU needed to contend with given the size of the dial. There is a sporty hint of red as part of the second hand's counterweight. The overall proportions of the dial feel good and the design is unique, but at the same time very approachable. SISU offers a few dial variants for the Guardian. In addition to the silvered dial, there is a black dial, and one with a floating double indicator layer called the Eclipse (A3 model).

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