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Maximilian Büsser: When I was 18. In 1985, my parents wanted to give me a watch as a gift. Their budget was 700 Swiss Francs (approximately 0 USD), and an enormous amount of money for them and for me, so I started researching what was available at that price. At some point, I was sitting in university next to a guy who is wearing a watch I did not recognize. I ask him what it is, and he replies, “a Rolex.” I have no idea what it is.

Ideally, you can consult with a "strap professional," but that can quickly take you out of budget territory. Remember, you pay less when doing things yourself, generally. With that said, you can always take pictures of your watch with its current strap and ask members of the watch community on forums or via social media to ask for advice on what types of straps to get for your watch. Often this comes down to just strapping a nylon NATO-style strap on an existing timepiece, but we tend to suggest investing in some nice animal skin straps which tend to look more classy in more situations.

We are extremely skeptical about new companies (or even big ones) that offer products with a long list of features but without the hardware or battery capacity to logically support those features. That is what I sometimes call "going Samsung" (though I am sure Samsung will eventually catch up to having its smartwatches satisfactorily do all the things they say that they will do). Nevo takes a more conservative and perhaps wiser route by attempting to leverage what works into a solution that it feels will be appropriate for many consumers. The ambition is all in the elegant design and trying to turn existing watch wearers into smartwatch wearers.

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MeisterSinger claims that this bold new movement was designed from scratch by the brand's "long-standing cooperation partner in Switzerland." Sure, it is no news that the watch industry (much like any other in the world) is highly secretive, and yet, we feel a more open communication on its origin would be welcomed by the more discerning enthusiasts. We have reached out to the brand and have learned that their partner is Synergies Horlogères – a private label movement manufacturer now owned by Christopher Ward. The layout and the specs of the new caliber is a testament to the fact that a more experienced company was involved in its conception: the MSH01  hand-wound movement runs at a very modern and more accurate 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations per hour) and, despite the relatively high operating frequency, it manages to offer five days of power reserve.

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètre à Chronographe is a real watch lover's watch. A lot of people can appreciate its impressive design that mixes technical appeal and classic looks, but when it comes down to it, this watch was built by serious watch lovers for serious watch lovers.  You get a lot of that in the watch industry, which is a testament to the passion that fuels this business. It is timepieces like the Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètre à Chronographe (chronograph) that help explain why a few years ago Jaeger-LeCoultre's marketing slogan was "are you ready for a real watch."

TAG Heuer is slightly troubled of late. Earlier this year, the company debuted its new CH80 in-house chronograph movement at Basel, but just months later, they decided to not only shelf production of the movement, but also to let some 46 employees go. TAG Heuer's new Chevenez facility, which was built in anticipation of the CH80 movement, would also be repurposed to produce other movements. Furthermore, just recently, its CEO Stephane Linder resigned leaving the legendary Jean-Claude Biver, who is head of watches at LVMH, to assume the position of interim CEO. We spoke to Biver to understand what is happening and his plans for Tag Heuer in the future.

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Coffee-table format in size and 324 pages long, I hope you enjoy the many pictures and insights included in The World's Most Expensive Watches. Further, while I understand that more editions will be available soon, The World's Most Expensive Watches is currently available in both English and French language options. I sincerely hope you enjoy it for yourself as watch lover, or can suggest it to friends and family, who might enjoy understanding and learning about the world of the most expensive watches. Further, because it makes a difference, don't hesitate to review the book if you enjoy it. Retail price for The World's Most Expensive Watches is .

A Regular Guy Drives A Bugatti Veyron Supercar

A Regular Guy Drives A Bugatti Veyron Supercar

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The day prior to the event was reserved for teaching the participants the basics of the Apple Watch’s new software, as well as understanding some of its new hardware such as the taptic engine and heart rate sensor, and how it could open the door to a variety of new applications. The participants of this event were hobbyists and enthusiasts that spanned from the aforementioned graphic designers and programmers to project managers, all with a main goal of creating new and revolutionary applications for the Apple Watch. The event hosted people from all over, and for those unable to attend the event physically, a Google Hangout was created, giving anyone the opportunity to present their ideas and collaborate on projects through a live stream.

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What makes an "American" MilSub? According to Mk II, there are a few things. First is the 12-hour uni-directional rotating bezel (versus a 60-minute counter rotating bezel). That first element is difficult to notice at first, since most people tend to expect a traditional divers-style rotating bezel. Next is a highly domed "tropic-style" sapphire crystal, as well as a bead-blasted case finish.

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The Smartwatch Functionality

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Each of the Mr. Jones Watches Face Timers pieces has a quartz movement inside and is limited to 20 pieces total. These are fun, albeit modestly-sized, watches that prove you can be really creative, and quite limited but not for that much money. Each of the Mr. Jones Watches Face Timers retails for 175 British Pounds, or about 0.

Giuliano Mazzuoli Carrara Watch With Marble Case

Giuliano Mazzuoli Carrara Watch With Marble Case

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This is a photo of the version released this year as a tribute to the Rolling Stones we announced here.

2. Omega Seamaster 300 Co-Axial

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Just looking over the watch I continue to be impressed by the thin rotating timing bezel and the larger-feeling dial. The pushers and crown are precision detailed and the overall look and feel is top notch for Oris. Attached to the case is a perforated racing-style leather strap with a titanium deployant buckle.

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Making a prototype watch isn't easy, but harder is getting to the point of having production partners and suppliers which will take your timepiece from concept to reality. Fiona was perhaps lucky to be a part of an established design department at a well-respected school - a gateway to necessary contacts. Even then, it was through kindness and luck that she was able to get the right contacts necessary to make the Fiona Krüger Skull watches a reality. The truth is that, unless you have "an in" at many Swiss watch making suppliers, etc... their doors will be mostly closed to you. Fiona Krüger gave special thanks to Peter Speake-Marin.

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I have always loved worldtimers for their practicality, and I could not be any more excited about this watch. The size and the looks are bang on and close to perfect, and the dial has so much detail and looks just exquisite. My only complaint so far is that the pusher at 8 o’clock is much too conspicuous than what I would have liked it to be, but that is about it. I can’t wait to see this in the flesh.

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On October 10th 2014, CNN will debut a new television program called "Ones to Watch" that will be fully sponsored by French watch and jewelry maker Cartier. Like most major media, Turner-owned CNN has been experimenting with new ways of deriving revenue with advertiser sponsored content. In fact, sponsoring an entire show and surrounding media is not at all new. Years ago, it used to be that television programs had one major sponsor. Ones To Watch will be a monthly show that focuses on discovering emerging artists and their work around the world.

Ultimately, it is this diversity that should make this beautifully illustrated book a good read for most, as there are a lot of new things to learn regardless of one's knowledge of the industry or familiarity with Kari Voutilainen and his stellar work. To me, personally, it was getting to know one of horology's all time greats better through not just reading about him, but also from him. The Theodore Diehl: Kari Voutilainen Horlogerie d'Art Book is by no means cheap, but is a lasting investment. It is a highly recommended read for those fascinated by the unique world of independent watchmakers – and by the story of one of the very best among them.

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ABTW: Given that stance (wearing what your customers wear), have you come across a more attainable grail?

Back in 2008, I wrote an article explaining just that, where I discussed what Seiko Kinetic Direct Drive movements are. I will however briefly explain this rather exotic quartz movement again. First you need to know that Seiko Kinetic movements have an automatic rotor in them similar to automatic mechanical movements. Rather than wind a mainspring, the rotor in a Kinetic watch charges a battery. Thus, Seiko Kinetic watches are quartz watches with batteries that charge as you wear them - fine. Kinetic Direct Drive in a sense adds hand-winding to a Kinetic movement. This means that by winding the crown you can charge the battery. More so, you can actually see how much power you are charging in real time via the indicator hand - which also doubles as a power reserve indicator for the battery life. It is difficult to explain what this looks like, but these are really fun to play with. The downside to Kinetic Direct Drive watches is that unlike some Kinetic watches that have batteries which can last many months, the battery in the Kinetic Direct Drive only lasts about a month. Then again, that is pretty long given that it charges while you wear it, and you'll likely be hand-charging it all the time.