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On the dial are the signature Shelby double racing stripes and of course the cobra. It just isn't Shelby without the cobra figurine. While I typically don't like shared dial branding, I think the David Yurman and Shelby names co-exist in a reasonable way on the dial. As an American car lover, it is pretty sweet. Cooler still is the strap. Now that is a clever piece of design. David Yurman continued the look of the cobra snake body into the rubber strap. How sweet is that? I really like this design element a lot actually - even though on paper it could sound cheesy.

More recently Graham released the Swordfish Booster. This model upped the case size to 48mm wide and flipped the crown and chronograph pushers to the left side of the case. The Swordfish Booster retained the essential double magnifier concept which was Graham's attempt to embolden the idea of the cyclops magnifier that brands such as Rolex made famous as a means of making the date window easier to read. Graham's idea was to use a metal ring framed magnifier over the sapphire crystal to magnify the chronograph subdials by about 15%.

Bot of the watches by the way are 42mm wide - which is a rather mainstream case size. Let’s discuss the High Performance Sea Diver first. It is a nice looking dive piece with a name so pulled from the soup of dive watch labels it is almost comical.

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To paraphrase the movie, if you can afford to, I highly recommend picking one up.

"Watch What-If" is a special column on that asks the playful question "what if an iconic watch you know and love was offered in a different style?" The idea embraces a good timepiece's core design and has fun by offering new colors and material concepts to stimulate your senses. These ideas may be provocative, artistic, or just plain silly. This is about fun, Photoshop, and the celebration of wrist watch design and experimentation. The original design we work off of will always be at the bottom of the article. The designs are brought to life by Beau Hudspeth who does the artwork and concepting after he and I choose the models and styles to focus on. These "special design experiments" are extremely time consuming and labor intensive but we hope you enjoy the results. Ideas and comments are more than welcome. Enough response may even lead to a round two of design of the same watch - so please comment below. You are also encouraged to suggest the watches that should make it into the Watch What-If section here on

Bezel: Polished Magic Gold or satin-finished Titanium

The Reverso comes in a range of sizes and style. The largest of modern watches are the super-sized Reverso cases in Jaeger-LeCoultre's highest end models such as the Gyrotourbillon II and the Triptyque. The Grande Reverso is a step down from that. The more square Squadra is a handsome sporty option as well. Then there are smaller men's versions as well as a few sizes for the ladies. The Grande Reverso case is 32.15mm wide and about 52mm tall. That length of the case prevents it from looking small. I would not say that the piece wears large, but it certainly doesn't feel petite. The Reverso is a super classic look. Those three horizontal lines in the case above and below the dial really make it look distinctive, and the overall look and feel of the piece is ultra-classy. No where will a Reverso look out of place.

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Russian President Medvedev Wearing HD3 Slyde Watch

Russian President Medvedev Wearing HD3 Slyde Watch

The Original:

This version of the Deep Sea Chronograph does a lot that I love, it forgoes the Tribute vibe but instead makes for a more compelling and likely more timeless design as its not so heavily anchored in the past or reflective of the current trends. It would have been nice for buyers to at least have the option of a bracelet, although one could argue that a bracelet should be included, given the price tag of , 800 USD. Considering Jaeger-LeCoultre's stance as a top tier manufacture, the Deep Sea Chronograph is a fitting addition to their line up that combines everyday wearability with a dive-ready and practical feature set. What's not to like?

Ernst Benz as a brand is many things - with an interesting assortment of watches and celebrity relationships. For me, Ernst Benz is most importantly the brand that uses the Disney font for their logo. Who else can claim that? Now you'll never look at their logo the same way again. For review I have been strapped to their new Chronolunar Officer - a steel beast with a heart of gears.

Strap/Bracelet: Integrated rubber strap or stainless steel bracelet.

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This is a good example of why a hands-on article makes a lot more sense for curious watch lovers than relying on marketing images provided by the brands. Perhaps I should discuss what that is all about first. Excuse the tangent, but let me share something with you about the watch industry (and many others as well). Have you noticed how most watch publications just use the same images of watches? You could read three magazines, and each has the same pictures. It is often the same thing on the internet. We call these marketing images and brands produce them and give them away as part of press kits. Brands hire expensive photographers or use computer renders to make sexy looking doctored images for both advertising and press purposes. Because they are free and easy, most people use them when writing about watches. Much of the time people never even get to see what they are writing about, so the press images are all they have.

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The meet-up will start at about 6pm. Enjoy some beer, nosh, and watch talk, and horological interludes with Ariel Adams and John Biggs. All those planning on attending are invited to comment below so we can add you to the headcount. See you there.

Giveaway: Breil Orchestra Automatic Watch

Giveaway: Breil Orchestra Automatic Watch

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If the robotic arm had robot eyes then it would likely have been able to see the dial in the murky depths. Rolex uses their very nice CHROMALIGHT lume in blue for the dial, which is surrounded by a massive chapter ring (and we thought it was big on the regular Rolex Deepsea). The bezel insert is ceramic, done in Rolex's proprietary Cerachrom material with platinum colored numerals. For a piece that will likely never be produced in any commercial capacity, Rolex is sure going through a lot of effort to tease people.

Tech specs from Seiko:

The metalwork is excellent - note the lack of a gap between bezel and case. Nowhere for sand or mud to get in. It also has an automatic helium escape valve, in case your adventures include decompression chambers and saturation diving. The straps use the same system as the Blackbeard, with a flat blade screwhead on one side for simple changes.

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Romain Jerome Octopus Dive Watch Version 2

Romain Jerome Octopus Dive Watch Version 2

The obvious watches to compare this to are the engraved pieces from New Zealand watch maker Magrette. They have produced a number of watches with New Zealand Maori style engravings such as the Kupe's Voyage that I reviewed here a while back. Even the theme of the watches themselves are similar, combining art and a little retro sport aesthetics.

Tag Heuer and SpaceX's relationship likely started with Elon Musk - whom the brand worked with on his other company Tesla. I don't know if you recall, but Tag Heuer had a neat branded electric Tesla Roadster S car that they took around the world on a large tour. I actually don't know if there was ever a Tag Heuer Tesla watch - I don't think there was. With SpaceX there is, and Tag's relationship with Musk's ventures continues.

Rolex Deepsea Challenge Watch Goes To Bottom Of The Ocean Watch Industry News

Price : from CHF 3’800

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Diesel Batman & Bane Watches For The Dark Knight Rises