Omega Speedmaster 50th Anniversary Prototype

Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo 11 45th Anniversary 311.

Casio & Surfrider Foundation To Release G-Shock X Surfrider Watch Watch Releases

Perrelet Moon Phase Watch Line Watch Releases

"Everything must go! Deals! Deals! Deals! Robert Lighton has be committed due to criminally insane deep discounting! For legal reasons we can't stop the sale so take advantage of it right now for the accountants burn down the store for the insurance money!  [readers, please take all that in jest as it was intended] Yes, I can hear it now... the silly commercials, and marketing copy that gets you excited about the sales, and all the rest of the hoopla. That applies to most sales, but sometimes you get something really good. This is one of those times.

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Speedmaster Lunar Dust 311.

The pink painted Hello Kitty Icon and hour indicators help to keep this watch easygoing and cool. Paired with the diamonds, I do not think you can have a bad day while wearing this watch. How could you? Hello Kitty is leaning back, smiling, relaxing. And so will you be, rocking this.

I first wrote about the Tempograph here on Luxist, where you can read some details about the watch. I am going to stick more to my hands-on experience here.  The Tempograph has an interesting complication - a large and conspicuous 10 second retrograde hand. The hand moves down and after 10 seconds jumps back to the top. Part of the idea of the watch is to illustrate just how long 10 seconds really is. Louis Moinet even has a promotion where they will give you a special Louis Moinet watch cleaning cloth if you go to and indicate what you would do in ten seconds. The actual face of the watch is smaller and near the top of the watch in a Breguet fashion. I’ll keep saying this, but I see Louis Moinet watches are Breuget watch alternatives from a style perspective.

Nautica NMX 300 Watch Should Be For Ghost Rider Watch Releases

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Omega Speedmaster Professional X-33 3290.50

Here is a cool watch that is up for auction, and totally unique. This watch was hand-built as a concept, but it is a perfectly beautiful watch and is available to one person. The watch is a LUM-TEC Chronograph with a California dial (half Roman numerals and half Arabic numerals). The watch has the 60 minute chronograph complication as well as synchronized 24 hour dial. The lovely blue dial is enhanced by lots of MVD lume - another unique to LUM-TEC component. Here are some words about the watch directly from LUM-TEC founder and owner:

I just take one look at either the all luminant face version or the chronograph and think 'Ghost Rider accessory.' Both the naked steel or black ion-plated versions go well with Mr. Ghost Rider. Off the hell-hog he probably would look best in the black version with luminous green face. On the bike it is all about the steel-toned version to compliment the chain-link goodness! The watches are powered by Japanese quartz movements and feature steel or a titanium frame (honestly I am not sure what that means). The cases themselves are pretty large at 48mm wide. The protective bars over the dial are vestiges from when such protective bars where needed. Like rhino bars on an SUV, these days they are almost always for style. Though I did just get an 80's flash back to those gummy plastic case protectors that went over Swatch watches (and alike) - but this time in metal...with screws!

This is one of the hottest newer Sinn watches, and a rare 'non-branded' limited edition by the watch maker. In 2008 (maybe starting in 2007) an odd trend started - the 'black on black' watch. Everyone seemed to have a black on black sport watch with names like "phantom" or "stealth." Even Sinn was not immune and felt it necessary to produce a limited edition version of its popular U1 watch line in the black on black motif that people were crazy over.

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IWC Portofino Replica Watches for sale

You don't see combinations like this very often. Here, German Marcello C. has fitted their Nettuno Chronograph watch with a PVD black bezel and PVD black pushers and crown, against a stainless steel case. I think it is a very attractive combo. The look results in sort of a two-tone look that is quite popular these days. It makes the watch very noticeable as well - being more "striking" than models without the color combo. This is the first ever use of PVD in the Nettuno watch collection that I am aware of as well. You will notice of course that there are "mirror" image watches here. As one of the Nettuno Bi-Color Chronograph watches has a steel case with black pushers and bezel, the other version has a PVD black case with steel pushers and a steel bezel. Pretty cool right? Further, the PVD cased version comes with a totally PVD coated bracelet that ought to be really nice. This is one of the best diver's style bracelets on the market that I've experienced, and I'd love to experience it in all black. You can read a bit more about it when I reviewed the Marcello Nettuno 3 Diver's watch here with much esteem.

Perrelet Double Rotor Turbine Watch Collection Watch Releases

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Omega Speedmaster Chronometer White Gold

Sinn 756 UTC Diapal Lubricant Free Watch Available Sales & Auctions

Xemex is trying hard to push the ‘industrial’ side of design in the Concept One Chronograph, which includes exposed use of screws on the case and lugs, as well as the look of functionality in the tachymeter on the bezel (which isn’t really all that useful). As interesting point of visible functionality is the different colored tips to the chronograph pushers. The case is actually wider than it is tall at 47mm x 43mm. Even at a relatively affordable price of under ,000, the watch still comes in Xemex’s usually high level of quality with a sapphire crystal. This watch might not be as lovably Xemex as some of their other watches, but it is still appealing in its own right.

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Omega Speedmaster Professional 105.012

Inspired by a compass, the outer most disc rotates the hours, and with meticulous care and precision, the minutes are then also displayed. Mimicking the 4 points of a compass, the seconds disc rotates with a grid of four lines, suggesting the seconds as they pass. The pink gold "monitor" in the center of the dial opening is positioned to read the exact time, from hour - to minute - second. Such synchronization is hard to replicate, as you must well know.

Survey Of The Vacheron Constantin Overseas Sport Watch History Feature Articles

Mysteries are things you can't unravel in your mind. Knowledge of origin is key to dispelling an enigma, and the pathway to appreciation. You can't have passion for something you don't really understand. I began my love of watches ignorant of what went into making most watches. True timepiece appreciation can only come when you really know what goes into constructing watches. It gives you the ability to evaluate the high quality from the mainstream, and foresight to look beyond the dial.

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IWC Portugieser Replica Watch Hands-On

See the full article at The Hour Lounge here.

Survey Of The Vacheron Constantin Overseas Sport Watch History Feature Articles
Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph Rose Gold 49150 000R 9338
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Survey Of The Vacheron Constantin Overseas Sport Watch History Feature Articles
2008 Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph watch photo vintage print ad
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Survey Of The Vacheron Constantin Overseas Sport Watch History Feature Articles
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Survey Of The Vacheron Constantin Overseas Sport Watch History Feature Articles
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Survey Of The Vacheron Constantin Overseas Sport Watch History Feature Articles
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Survey Of The Vacheron Constantin Overseas Sport Watch History Feature Articles
VACHERON CONSTANTIN Stainless Steel 40mm Overseas Chronograph 49140 Warranty
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The hardened mineral crystal on the case is impressively domed  (just a bit), which is a nice touch. It just wouldn't have felt right being flat. There is no AR coating on the mineral crystal, but this is usually reserved for more expensive sapphire crystals that would have increased the price of this watch by at least 50%. On to the bracelet which is a great part of the watch. I was excited to have my first mesh steel strap ever, and it is really cool. The construction uses a thin weave of metal that results in more than enough flexibility. It is also really thin at just over a millimeter. The fit is very comfortable on your wrist, and attractive. It does not go with every piece of clothing I have, but overall a good and modern look (even though mesh bracelets have been around at least 60 years). For us men, the mesh bracelet sometimes catches arm hair. Not a big deal, but something you should know about if you are particularly sensitive to this.

MM: What was your first watch, and who gave it to you? What was significant about this piece, and how did it, and does it, fit into your collection?
DP: My father bought me my first watch in the first grade — a big, sturdy Seiko. He taught me how to wear it and regard it as a valuable object and tool. I then bought my first chronograph with a solid rubber strap by selling seeds and Christmas cards through a promotion on the back pages of Boys' Life Magazine. That started my love for watches, and I have since marked moments throughout my life by purchasing fine watches.

Watch Talk with David Pittsinger : Opera Singer - Broadway Star - Watch Collector ABTW Interviews
Pittsinger's Rolex GMT II Dualmaster
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cheap rolex watches for sale

Each year Seiko has a bit of a design competition in Japan called the Seiko Power Design Project. Utilizing a different theme each year, 2008 had 12 watches each named after a district or neighborhood in Tokyo. This is one of the very cool things that Seiko does, and I think that more watch companies should get involved in working with local artists to design watches that come from different points of view. The first Seiko Power Design Project was in 2002, and it has been occurring annually since. I am not sure exactly how the project is done, but the "winners" actually get their watches made. This means that as an artist, you can design a watch and actually have it be produced (if you are lucky), something that most people will never experience as watch production is no easy feat.

While it is has been hit and miss with me in regard to new Hamilton watches as of late, the volume sales leader for Swatch Group continues to push out a few good designs each year.  I'd like to think that this is one of them. The case is PVD steel, but not all of it black. The bezel and face are however dark colored, and they play off the steel colored lugs and dial attachments (hands and indexes) really well. Another key feature to the good looks is the brown strap with a little bit of contrast stitching. I wouldn't have assumed the color combination went together well until I saw the final result. It gives it a very masculine "I don't care about fashion but still like to look good" design. The crystal is sapphire, and the watch is a true diver with 300 meters of water resistance. Inside is a sturdy ETA 2824-2 automatic mechanical movement that ought to work just fine in this watch. Best part is the price. At 645 euros retail, expect to see a US street price of 0 -0.

To please a more fashion-savvy, modern dad or grad, definitely check out Nixon. I love this brand. They definitely keep up with the trends, but any age could wear this watch. In fact, I first glimpsed this model on the wrist of an up and coming, socially conscious, green architect in Mill Valley, CA. If it's hot out there, it's perfect for anywhere. It's also available in different metals/colors, if wood is not your thing. Can't beat the futuristic flexibility of the design - or the 0 price tag.

A Watch Gift Guide for Dads and Grads Watch Buying
Nixon Rotolog in Wood
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The Speedmaster Mark 4.5 Financed By The Spy Who Loved Me

Possibly The Best Watch Deal Around: Robert Lighton New York Big Closeout Sale Sales & Auctions
My favorites include the stainless steel Robert Lighton San Remo model with an automatic movement for just 0, and the Algonquin in in a sterling silver case with diamonds for just ,975 with an automatic movement. For the ladies, the Gramercy line of horizontally oriented tonneau cases with tapered straps is really well done (and jewel set bezels), for ,200 - about ,400. A good collection of nice watches with classic appointments, for great prices. The brand likes to boast that some popular celebrities are wearing their watches, but really, it is the style of the watches that do it for me. Something about classic looking blued steel hands that just never gets old.

This is an interesting limited edition watch that combines everything I like about diving themed watches and the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak lines of watches. Bearing the name of "Wempe," a  line of luxury watch stores strategically placed all over the world, this limited edition of 175 watches is rare and very cool. This watch was created in honor of Wempe's 100th anniversary. The iconic eight sided octagonal Royal Oak watch bezel was never the type of design that was good for a rotating bezel - so Audemars Piguet inserted an internal bezel that resolved the problem of not having a round bezel. The internal uni-directionally rotating bezel is operated via the crown positioned at 10 o'clock. The case is 44mm wide and steel. A rose gold version was also available, but was not as good a value costing 2-3 times the price of this version. I also feel that this is one of the purest modern versions of the Royal Oak watch based on the original Gerald Genta design classic from the 1970s. There is a lot of similarity between this watch and the Patek Philippe Aquanaut. This is to be expected as the Aquanaut is based on the Patek Philippe Nautilus - which was also designed by Gerald Genta in the 1970s.

Wow, I did not expect to see something so bold from Blancpain this year. This is a totally new route for their diving watches. At first I was torn about the look (didn't see to be much more than what Invicta could come up with), but then I began to appreciate the more subtle items. Retained are the sapphire crystal tops on the rotating bezel (such a nice feature by the way), and new are the hands, and the face. The hands are really designed for perfect legibility in both light and dark situations, not one or the other which is sometimes the fact. They also remind me of torpedoes. I think that is intentional. The wild looking lume on the face is also fucntion, and not just for show. Somehow, it seems to make the watch easy to read in the dark when you aren't used to simply using the hands.

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