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DWATCH 1000m Diving Watch Review

DWATCH 1000m Diving Watch Review

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Horus Ultramarinum Watch Watch Releases

Kudoke 69 Eros Skeletonized Erotic Watch, NSFW Watch Releases
Erotic watches are a curious thing. I don't know too much about the culture behind them, or the people who collect them. They sort of feel like toys for the sexually repressed. There are good and bad examples of these types of watches out there, but they are almost always combined with classic looking timepiece elements. Perhaps that is to help justify the "art" behind the watch. Personally I am amused by them. I find the quizzical concept appealing for what it is. I am probably not the target market for such watches, but I still get a kick out of seeing them. This new Kudoke 69 is a particularly "in your face" version of the watch, but is certainly not out of the norm for these timepieces. There are some in the extremely expensive range that combine the erotic elements with animations and minute repeaters.

Nubeo Black Mamba Kobe Bryant Watches In The Flesh Wrist Time Reviews

Richard Mille Automatic Extra Flat RM 016 Watch Available On James List Sales & Auctions

Passion can become your creation in the watch world. Anyone with a heart and some diligence can have their own watches be made and shared with the world. I see many watches that come from just one person's design efforts, and am each time interested with the result. This is the case with the i-toc watch. It is the founder's personal statement of modern understatement. I believe the idea was something artistically functional. Giving people who aren't familiar with the concept a perception of "what is that?" When they first see the watch. They are also artistic. Designer Sean Zoega wanted to make sure the resulting watch based on his ideas was as functional as a "standard watch" without looking the same.

See this Martin Braun Grande Chrono watch on James List here.

Magrette Moana Pacific Diver Watch

Magrette Moana Pacific Diver Watch

Project X Designs Ultimate Custom Rolex Watches Hands-On Hands-On

This is especially evident in the frog and the owl. Is there not something a bit Disney-esque about them? Then there is what you cannot see in the images, the "crazy seconds" eye of the latter two models or the of the Chameleon model. If you aren't familiar with the watches, here is what that is. Inside the watches is an exclusive Girard Perregaux GP 4000 automatic movement that has a small disc for the subsidiary seconds as opposed to a hand. This disc is used as the left eye on the frog or the owl (and the fly) which means that the pupil will be seen to spin around - like a googly eye. I get a reminder of the animatronic characters on Disney Land rides that had such simple movements I recall enjoying being able to spot as a child while in a boat surrounded by water and theme music.

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My Topman Smart Futurist Analogue Watch Article On Watch Style
Mens TopMan Stretch Slim Grey Jeans Size 30S
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Urwerk UR-CC1 King Cobra Linear Time Watch Watch Releases

Angular Momentum Eglomisé The Animal Portrait & Exotic Birds Collection Watches Available On James List Sales & Auctions

Prices for these modified Rolex watches are reasonable. Certainly much less than the Rolex watches that are new and modified. I figure it is probably best to let a Rolex watch "live a little," and then modify it for round two of its tenure on someone's wrist. Prices for the pictured models range from ,000 - ,500. Highest is the new Milgauss model. Costs involve the value of the original watch on the used market plus the intense amount of work that goes into the modification. Time and Gems is shaping up to be of the most impressive places for modified pre-owned Rolex watches. They of course also have a full collection of original, un-modified Rolex watches at their disposal. Click here to buy or learn more about this new DLC coated Rolex watch collection at Time and Gems. It is important to note that Time and Gems is not associated to, or connected with Rolex in any way (as is the case with all just pre-owned Rolex dealers or modifiers - be it for new or used Rolex watches).

Jorg Gray JG1060 Watch Review

Jorg Gray JG1060 Watch Review

My Bremont Martin-Baker Watch Article On Announcements

Unlike Orbita winders, less expensive Chinese watch winders are prone to failure after a few months, but I haven't heard about this from Orbita. Honestly, I have had several Chinese watch winders die on me... you are the exception to the rule if one last for 6 month to a year or longer. Like all electronic or mechanical things, once in a while watch winders need servicing, but I am confident in the lifespan on the motors in Orbita watch winders. This makes them worth the price, as they simply last a long time.

Check out the insightful video from The Fondation de la Haute Horlogeire on enamel painting and watches here.

See Milus watches on eBay here.Milus Herios & Tirion TriRetrograde Watches Hands-On Hands-On

Have a holiday deal special for readers that you'd like to add to the list? Simply contact and I will add it to this growing list.

Timex T-Series Automatic Watches

Timex T-Series Automatic Watches

The 3-Timer comes in a dizzying array of several highly limited editions. Some with 222 pieces other with just 22 pieces. In 18k yellow gold or steel (or with both), a few dial colors, as well as strap options are available. I discussed at some length the watch and its various versions in these two previous articles on Linde Werdelin 3-Timer watch line (click for the first and second article on the watch). There you can also see more images of the various versions of the timepiece. This particular version is in steel with the brown dial and brown strap. The strap is an interesting element and I will discuss it right away. First of all, I love how Linde Werdelin does their straps. The tapering and style of how they are connected to the case are elegant but still manly. I also like the quality feel to the deployment and how easy they are to make comfortable. Linde Werdelin has many different strap styles and materials. This one is... leather I think. It has a segmented look to it, and because it is in brown I have given it the pet name of "worm hide." Look at an image of an Earth Worm and you'll know what I am referring to. So the strap is certainly something to look forward to on any Linde Werdelin timepiece. If you are interested, Linde Werdelin will even let you try them out for a few days to see how you like them. I give the watch a thumbs up for style and fucntion. If the price suits you, then you should certainly investigate the Linde Werdelin watch line.

Although the watch case and bracelet is all titanium (very fine quality metal and finish by the way), it is not a "light watch." The titanium is mostly there for strength, but does help the watch be significantly lighter than it would be if it was done in steel. A lot of the weight comes from the sapphire crystal, movement, and case materials. Like I said, the titanium finishing is very nicely done. The grain is smooth, and the brushed finishing is as nice as good steel (I find that a brushed finish is hard to do right on titanium). Everything about the watch is a bit over the top, but that is necessary for the concept to work. It is the horological equivalent of a big custom 4x4 pickup truck. Rhino bars attached, heavy duty tires and wheels installed while the suspension has been lifted, and light are placed all over it. The design of the 20,000 Feet Diver communicates durability as much as its Guinness world record does. All over the watch you see large exposed screws in the bracelet and link ends. The bracelet clasp is chunky and functional, while the bezel is tall and easy to grip, as well as read. It is the first watch that I've gotten that literally makes me want to run head first into danger. I want to jump into the water or out of a plane with this thing on - with no doubts it will survive the journey (even if I don't).

Vulcain Anniversary Heart Cricket Watch For President Barack Obama: Thoughts Watch Releases

Angular Momentum Eglomisé The Animal Portrait & Exotic Birds Collection Watches Available On James List Sales & Auctions

The RFID tags can be planted into both mineral and sapphire crystals - which is good. The RFID tag is tiny, and placed directly in the center of the crystal over the spot where the hands usually connect. This will diminish it being see as this is the spot least observed on a dial. These are major issues of importance to me, because one wants to make sure that if a watch company adopts these crystal based RFID tags, they won't detract from the basic user experience. I truly do get excited to see the application of modern technology applied to watch making that has a reputation for being staid (to say the least) at times.

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Breitling Superocean Heritage Chronograph Limited Edition 125th Anniversary Watch

Breitling Superocean Heritage Chronograph Limited Edition 125th Anniversary Watch

I've said both good things and bad things in the past about Hublot. While I really most of their watches, they are on a long easy ride on the derivative train. Everything basically looks a like with color changes. "Hey, let's make this watch black and now... green! We will call it something that reminds people of other things they like! Like apples, or The Big Apple! Cause its the Big Bang - Genius!" And Swiss marketing legends are born... Still the Big Bang is a cool watch, and for all the crap that I can give to Hublot about beating that design until it eventually becomes the very definition of cliche, it is still nice. Hey, you never know, 50 years from now the Big Bang could reach Rolex Submariner design status. It could happen!

The bracelet is comfortable and attractive, and 24mm wide. The small links make it good for sizing as you get a more precise fit. The deployment is push button and diminutive, relatively well done and easy to operate. The irony is that the metal bracelet is the hardiest of the straps, but the worst for actual diving. I would recommend one of the rubber straps for diving. I’ll tell you why. Unless you are never going to wear your Elementum Aqua on your wrist, the bracelet will not fit over your dive suit as it does not have a diver’s extension. So you either size the bracelet for your diver suite, use the watch for non suit diving, or swap in a rubber diving bracelet for those purposes. It is a minor thing, but something you should know for a watch that is such a dedicated diver’s watch.

The Toxic watch concept features a horizontally long rectangular case with soft curved edges on the top and bottom, with sharped curves on the right and left side of the watch. The case would ideally be made in some satin finished metal. You can see the perlage polish on the inside of the dial - that would require a series of expensive to manufacture sapphire crystals. The Toxic watch displays just the minutes and hours, and nicely indicates what scale does what with a clear "H" or "M" next to the scales. While a watch like this is anything but ordinary, it actually succeeds in not being that hard to read, I dig it. Though I would also be a bit apprehensive of a needle sticking out of it!