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There is a lot to like about this watch. I'll start with the movement which is an in-house made (good, bur surprising) JeanRichard JR1000 automatic mechanical, with a power reserve of 48 hours. It is not the fanciest of movements, but it does the basics well I am sure, and I love diving watch with in-house movements - very appealing. This is all inside a 43mm wide (by about 14mm thick) case made out of PVD coated steel - ooh fancy. The black PVD on steel here is a good look with a matte finish, making for a very light looking watch. The crowns however are made of titanium, and also black PVD coated. Titanium is a bit prone to getting scratches, but the PVD coating should help a little bit on that regard. There are large sections on the sides of the case that act as extended crown guards. I like how these sections look applied to the case, though they are likely part of one strong case construction. You can see the exposed strap bars at the ends of these sections. Instead of having both crowns on one side, JeanRichard opted for a more symmetrical approach, so that the crown to operate the inner rotating bezel is located on the left side of the case. It looks nice and adds a more technical look to the watch. I am really getting into liking this timepiece a lot!

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As nature survival series go, Man vs. Wild is pretty entertaining. I often want the show to be longer, showing more detailed elements of survival in harsh areas of the world without relying on most of the "tools of civilization" we rely on. I've also been getting into another survival show called Apocalypse Man (on the History Channel). This show is similar in concept, but sort of the reverse. The guy here wears a Nike digital watch I am pretty sure, but at the end of the show in the credits, there is a clear message thanking Casio. Maybe the crew has them. Apocalypse man is all about a guy trying to survive in a post apocalyptic world. He is in cities, but they are totally devoid of people. So he has to scavenge and build things - it is pretty cool. Sad and sort of humorous is that the cities he is in that are all ghost town are probably in Louisiana (post Katrina) and in Michigan. What the shows have in common aside from the survivalist slant, is that they are both "looking for other people." Bear is looking to get rescued while the Apocalypse man is just looking for other (friendly) humans. I do recommend it if you get a chance to see it. That of course goes for both shows.

See an F.P. Journe Tourbillon Souverain watch is available on James List for the price of about ,000.

My Franc Vila EVOS 8 Cobra Watch Article On

My Franc Vila EVOS 8 Cobra Watch Article On

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It isn't that some things are better left unsaid, it is rather that something cannot be said at all. Instead they need to be seen. This is the case with many a luxury watch. I can present you with a full dissertation on their feature set, beauty, and wearing enjoyment, that will do little to replicate the actual feel these timepiece have while on your wrist. So take my words for the significant value that they are worth, but if you are ever skeptical about a timepiece I endorse, then do yourself a favor and check it out for yourself. Having said that I want to share my experience with the Linde Werdelin 3-Timer watch with you. An interesting timepiece that has the makings of a true icon.

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I have had a few new watch reviews on but did not mention them as I wrote about those watches already on Here however is one that I did not blog already here. Click on the article to read it, but there are a few interesting things about this Gerald Genta Gefica Blue Note watch. The "Blue Note" just refers to the colors and the fact that it is part of a limited edition. I love the classic manner in which Gerald Genta does a jumping hour with retrograde minutes and the styling of the case is impressive and different. Really a success as stepping outside the mold and still being able to look like a mature design. Plus, the case is make out of bronze, that is really rare for a watch. That also means the case will oxidize over time - which Gerald Genta says is intended.


Right before I wrote this article I was fortunate enough to actually meet with Franc Vila himself. He showed me a selection of watches from his collection, including the Cobra models that I wrote about for (see link below). It was interesting that I met with the man who made a watch I was about to write about. I was literally assigned to write about the watch a few hours before I met him, so it was a total coincidence really. He is a charismatic fellow who is more a watch enthusiast turned watch company owner as opposed to being a introverted watch maker like the hardcore fellows. He has a deep connection with the designs and a close relationship with his customers. What amazed me about the watch is just how solid they felt. If you've ever picked up a watch that felt like lots of pieces put together, you'll now what I mean. The Franc Vila watches feel like one solid piece. Check out my discussion of his mainstream Cobra Chronograph line of watches.

1. Comment on this post below with your valid e-mail address where required. In the body of your comment you can mention your favorite current or past diver style watch.

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Made for a man, sized for a woman? Apparently that is what Swedish watch designer Gabriel Arlanch had in mind when making his first watch, the Arlanch Gold Watch No 1 as it is 32mm wide. Little! Sorta kid sized, or lady sized. Maybe I am getting it all wrong and this is a woman's watch. The was was announced mid last year, but this is the first I have heard of it. Aside from the passable looks, the real press release filler for the watch is it's eco-friendly features. Also, if the watch is Swedish, why does it say "Made in Germany" on it? Swedish design. Swiss movement, Germany manufacture. At least it looks that way.

Thomas was asked to get a bit more regional with his designs. Not sure exactly why he chose Qatar, but it inspired him to create a limited edition collection in his finest quality using the theme of the nation as a design.  The Tempusvivendi collection uses two adjacent retrograde scales to display the hours and minutes. Here the design of the dial is based on Qatar's Coat of Arms - which you can see here. Thomas was able to make the two swords be the hour and minute hands for the retrograde scales. Maybe it was the convenient layout of the coat of arms that led him to use Qatar as the base for the new watch?!

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My first series of articles in Haute Living magazine as their Watch Editor have been published. They also place the articles on their blog in case you miss the publication. I'll try to notify you of new articles I have there, as the watches I discuss there will usually not show up on (just so many watches to discuss).

There is actually a lesson to be learned from all this aside from the fact that you can get amusing luxury watch labeled mobile phones in China. The mobile phones you buy are cheap. These phone are like 0 each and are manufactured for less. Look at the "unlocked" price of phones out there. Most are 0 - 0. We are then led to believe that the "subsidized" price we get with new mobile phone plans are a good deal. Yes, it is true that mobile phone service providers make their money off the service and not the phones, but still...these are not the expensive items we are led to believe they are, but rather devices made to be expendable and disposable with a life of maybe a year or two. Why else would they be made with plastic bodies for the most part?

Quick reminder that today is the last day to get the pre-order price of 0 for the cool new Dievas Vortex hybrid dive/aviator watch. I wrote about the Vortex watch previously here. Really one of my favorite timepieces this year, and a great value for the price. Made in Germany, Swiss automatic movement, 44mm wide titanium case, and 500 meters of water resistance. Check out the link to the previous article for all the details. After tomorrow the price for the Dievas Vortex watch jumps to 0.

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I will leave it to the more dedicated car writers to fill you in on the all the goodies about the Bugatti Galibier 16C car as it slowly moves from concept to reality (which I am pretty sure of), instead you can relish in all the cool watch lover bones that Bugatti and Parmigiani threw out to us. Ordinarily I would chat for a bit about why a car would even have a removable tourbillon watch, and how that would all work... though here I do not. We are talking about  Bugatti here, the Disneyland thinkers of the car word. It does not need to make sense. It just needs to tickle us in places we didn't know could be tickled. I think it has like eight chrome exhaust pipes. Super cool! Then again, from the side the 16C  looks a bit like a Porsche Panamera that just engulfed John DeLorean's chrome dream, like a tricky suitcase of cocaine planted by the FBI did to his future.

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Now this is a nice diving watch. I find it refreshing to see a simple and straight forward design execution such as this. What else would you expect from JeanRichard, Girard Perregaux's baby brand? The Diverscope JR1000 watch has the sensibility of somewhere between a Rolex Submariner and a Blancpain Fifty Fathoms. The design is not quite as refined as those two, but the look is really fantastic and the straight-forwardness of the design is appealing and welcome. The Diverscope is watch from the 1960's and here is a modern rendition of the look. Me liking it, as well as the other aforementioned diving watches probably means I like retro design better than moderns design! But hey, a lot of modern diver's watches are way to cluttered and "noisy." Too much going on is distracting and will prevent a watch from being a favored daily wear.

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Designer and co-founder of the Snyper One watch Jean-Francois Ruchonnet has an interesting reason for calling the watch the "Snyper." Aside from being styled after modern sniper rifles (which everyone can agree are really cool), he said the name is a metaphor for men seeking out women. It is kind of cute in a predatory like way. At least it shows our dedication. We find a target lady, the RIGHT target lady, and we watch from afar. Waiting for the right moment... to shoot. Only through the right calculated measures do we hit the target, we have but one shot before they know they are being aimed at and take cover if we miss. Yea that pretty much doesn't sum up my relationship history with women, but then, again I am not French or Swiss. The watch is still really cool, though! Interestingly enough, Ruchonnet himself was an actual Sniper in the military. He's had plenty of time with Sniper rifles to really get to know then.

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While the line is still in its infancy, Swarovski is already proving how in touch they are with women, fashion, and timepiece trends, by designing various, fashion-forward and classic collections. With that in mind, Swarovski has created a Sports Collection that actually impresses me. I'm usually very critical of Sports Watches for Women - as SO many brands have created such out of touch ones. But even with the expected addition of Crystals here, it works.

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In fact, I think that these timepieces are pretty cool. Sure they are showy, and have a quasi ridiculous name like "Boss Premiere." It sort of sounds like a fake title that a company owner would put on their business card. "All bow down to the BOSS PREMIERE." Maybe that is what the employees of China's Premiere call him after asking "what is your bidding sir?" For years nice watches have had the power to make you feel important. You can laugh all you want at such "loud and in your face' timepieces, but a good watch can make you feel 'your worth.' Given this fact, there is a huge market for timepieces that "make you feel like a big man," and Avenir Chrono fits in to this broad niche. You can put Breitling in there too. These comments may sound critical of the brand, but they are not. Instead, I am trying to discuss where a watch like this fits in to the horological ecosystem.

And the price... wow ladies, this really can't be beat.

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